Kruse Smith is Norway's sixth largest contractor. The Group's primary market area is southern Norway, but its activities extend across the country. Kruse Smith has divided its operations into the following business segments: Building, Building renovation, Construction and Property.

Buliding construction

Kruse Smith attaches great importance to delivering solutions that offer maximum benefit to the building users. This is why user involvement is crucial. A building is a 'tool' on which the users are dependent in order to carry out their tasks. The better the building is adapted in terms of what is important to the users, the easier it is for them to achieve their goals.

Building renovation

Exterior restoration of concrete, masonry and timber frontages. Interior restoration of concrete, masonry and timber walls, floors and ceilings. Restoration of bridges, dams, gateways, wharfs, etc. Glazing of verandas, secondary insulation of homes.


Kruse Smith Infrastructure division builds roads, tunnels, bridges, quays, LNG tank systems and other energy installations across Norway. We also have a division that carries out various types of concrete work and builds dams, wooden bridges and power stations. The Infrastructure business segment has gained broad experience and solid expertise from a number of large-scale projects across Norway. Our strengths include a high degree of flexibility, a high level of technical expertise and motivated employees. We have long experience of carrying out projects in the form of turnkey, main and subcontracts.






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