At Kruse Smith our aim is to build it right the first time and to deliver error-free projects. We want our customers and our collaborators, with whom we develop projects, to be satisfied.

Quality control concerns technology, tools and logistics but most of all it is a question of the human factor. By this we mean a high level of competence from members of the team, as well as a strong culture in which everyone takes responsibility for quality and quality control. Through this we will achieve satisfied and loyal customers.

For us it is important that all our partners on the project work toward the same goal and according to the same principles. We have therefore decided to measure both our customers’ and our partners’ level of satisfaction. This is to create a basis for dialogue and improvement.

LEAN Construction – involving planning, is the planning method and management philosophy that will form the basis of our project performance. This means that we believe that utilising all one’s competence in the project contributes to the best result.

For us, quality control means that we work systematically to map risks and opportunities in order to prevent errors instead of remedying them. If we make errors, we want to learn from our errors so that we don’t repeat them.

Our focus areas are:

  • Cooperation and good dialogue between the parties
  • Prevention via risk control
  • Systematic control of critical activities and the interface between the activities
  • Analysis of the cause of deviations and ensuring that errors are not repeated