Supplier Requirements


All our suppliers and subcontractors of critical/important goods and/or services must be approved in StartBANK. This is a minimum requirement to ensure that suppliers and subcontractors fulfil our and our customers’ and authorities’ requirements and expectations for quality, seriousness and health, environment and safety.

At StartBANK you will find a web site with comprehensive information on StartBANK, and where you will also find an application form you may use to start the registration process.

You are naturally also welcome to contact us for comprehensive information on StartBANK.

StartBANK, Achilles Systems AS
Tel:  37 06 35 50
Fax: 37 06 35 51



Kruse Smith uses ProductXchange to organize collection of safety data sheets, service declarations, assembly instructions, etc. The system is used as a project-specific chemical database and helps us to fulfil requirements on risk and substitution assessments.

Kruse Smith requires that our suppliers and subcontractors use ProductXchange and delivers safety data sheets and other relevant documentation via the system.

Suppliers must also contribute to reducing our use of specific materials and chemicals that are hazardous to health and the environment by offering alternative products.

Contact coBuilder to register as a ProductXchange user.


PCB(Polychlorinated Biphenyls)-containing insulating glass units

Insulating glass units from the 60s and 70s may contain the environmental PCB toxin.

Manufacturers and importers of new insulating glass units are obliged, in accordance with the Waste Regulations, to participate in an approved return system for PCB-containing insulating glass units. These return systems organize the collection of old, PCB-containing units.

As a purchaser of more than 200 insulating glass units per year, Kruse Smith is obliged to request and document that manufacturers/importers of the windows we purchase participate in an approved return system.

PCB is a serious environmental toxin and Kruse Smith is involved in supporting the established system for this waste fraction. In order for the return system to work, it is important that all manufacturers/importers of the insulating glass units participate. We therefore require that our suppliers of insulating glass units can produce documentation that the manufacturer/importer has current membership in an approved return system.

The approved return systems are Ruteretur and Vindusretur.


Grønt Punkt (Green Point) Norge AS

Collection and recycling of packaging in Norway is organized by Green Point Norway. All companies that use packaging, import packaged goods or purchase packaged goods have a responsibility in helping businesses in fulfilling their obligations and ensuring that packaging is recycled.

Kruse Smith is a controlling member of Green Point Norway and requires that our goods suppliers who use packaging also be members. This is done to ensure that the recycling fee for packaging is paid in the correct stage, and that it is only paid once.

Kruse Smith requires that our suppliers who use packaging must be able to present documentation of membership in Green Point Norway at the latest by the time of conclusion of the contract.

The supplier clarifies via Green Point Norway what type of membership is appropriate.