Health and Safety

At Kruse Smith we have a zero injury vision and we do not accept injury to people, the external environment or material without implementing improvement methods.

Working on a Kruse Smith project must be safe. Employees are our most important resource, and we want everyone to return home after the end of a working day just as well as when they started it.

Our goal is to increase employees’ awareness of HSE and the External environment, because we believe that increased awareness leads to safety and increased quality of the work we perform.

The specific goal for injuries is that the H-value (number of injuries involving absence per one million hours worked) must be one or less. At Kruse Smith this corresponds less than or equal to one lost time injury. In 2013, it was 4.3. Our results have been significantly below the industry average for the last nine years. The industry average for 2013 was 6.9.

Sickness absence in Kruse Smith must be below 4.5 percent, and we achieved this target in 2013.

As in all other sections of our activities, we also focus on continuous improvement in HSE work and are reviewing our actions. Work must be characterized by specific, practical measures that ensure that all work operations are performed in a safe manner and that the good HSE practice are followed. You can read more about our HSE Bonus Program, which includes management’s inspiration words, at:

Our focus area now is:

  • Handling RUEs (reporting undesirable events)
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe job analysis (SJA)
  • HSE info meetings in the projects


Safety considerations must characterise our actions and must always be the highest priority when these are set against financial and technical production priorities.

Read more about our work within climate and the environment here.



At Kruse Smith we want to perform our activities in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. Environmental consideration are many, it concerns both the requirements of the authorities and builders and at the same time, these concerns for environmental consideration can be cost-effective. However, it is just as important to see this as a part of a vital social responsibility and to ensure that Kruse Smith and the construction industry as a whole is a part of the solution to environmental challenges and not a part of the problem.

Kruse Smith’s goal is that we will contribute to sustainable development and that the environmental work must be integrated into the daily activities as a practical measure. We are therefore working to reduce our climate gas emissions, helping to phasing out products that contain substances that are hazardous to health and the environment, ensuring that the waste that occurs in our construction sites is sorted and handled carefully and avoiding using endangered woods in any products.

We depend on good, engaged collaborators in our work who wish that we together contribute to supplying high quality and environmentally-friendly projects.