EHF invoices

Kruse Smith has established routines for receiving and sending invoices in EHF (electronic invoicing format). Electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing, is eco-friendly and provides economic gains for both the sender and receiver. E-invoicing minimises manual work and potential sources of error, improves control of document flow and reduces the amount of time spent on production, distribution and processing of documents.

The following companies in Kruse Smith have the capacity to receive/send e-invoices:

Odden Næringsbygg AS Org. nr. 982174732
Idda Utvikling AS Org. nr. 812855182
Vaagsbyen Dagligvare AS Org. nr. 999235921
Vaagsbyen Bolig AS Org. nr. 998001323
Vaagsbyen Næringsutleie AS Org. nr. 990312664
Jernbaneveien Flekkefjord AS Org. nr. 989528025
Kruse Smith Entreprenør AS Org. nr. 916050445
Kruse Smith Boligutvikling AS Org. nr. 992669039
Kruse Smith Eiendom AS Org. nr. 941460429
Lindesnes Ferieleiligheter AS  Org. nr. 911626691
Bergesletta Utvikling AS  Org. nr. 991351051
Bergensgata Utvikling AS  Org. nr. 925835641
Fuhr Park AS  Org. nr. 990312648

For our suppliers

We now have the capacity to receive e-invoices via Basware’s communication service. Follow the instructions in the implementation guide (PDF file, 200 kB) to start sending your invoices electronically to us.

NB! It is essential that all e-invoices are marked correctly in order to ensure efficient invoice processing and payment at the right time.

All employees in Kruse Smith who place orders with suppliers shall therefore specify the following information to be marked on the invoice

  • Contact person
  • Project number
  • Work order (if this has been stated)

Invoices that do not meet these requirements will be returned to the sender. The supplier is responsible for ensuring that invoices are correct.

If your financial system does not have the capacity to produce e-invoices in EHF or E2B format, but can produce invoices in PDF format that can be sent by email, you can send such invoices to the following email address:

For our customers

We produce e-invoices in EHF and E2B format and make use of Pagero AB as a communication service for e-invoices. All we need is your e-invoice address. We will send e-invoices consecutively to all our customers who are registered in the ELMA register (electronic address register of receivers of electronic EHF). Invoices will be marked with the reference of the person who placed the order. If you need more information specified on your invoices, please contact us.

If you have any questions or require supplementary information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: 

For more information on e-invoicing, go to:

Download: Implementation guide (in Norwegian) (PDF – 200 kB)