Energy-efficient buildings

Reducing energy consumption is vital to limiting emissions of greenhouse gases. There is great potential for savings in Norway, both in terms of ensuring that new buildings are as energy efficient as possible and, not least, improving the existing building stock.

Kruse Smith seeks to advise building owners on how energy consumption can be reduced by means of reasonable solutions. We therefore work continuously to improve our own competence within this increasingly relevant field.

Among other things, Kruse Smith has constructed Agder Energi’s new building at Kjøita in Kristiansand. This office building has a budgeted energy target of 80 kWh/m2 per year. At Jåttåvågen in Stavanger, Kruse Smith is building an office building with a usable area of approx. 8,300 m2 for Hinna Park Utvikling AS. The building meets the passive house criteria, and the energy target is to reduce the energy requirement to 74.2 kWh/m2 and delivered energy to 59.8 kWh/m2.

Kruse Smith sees great potential for making the existing building stock more energy efficient. We are therefore taking part in the Nordic SURE project (Sustainable Refurbishment) in collaboration with the research institute SINTEF Byggforsk and the consulting company Multiconsult. The aim of the project is to develop guidelines for sustainable upgrades of buildings in the Nordic countries. We believe the knowledge gained from this work will strengthen our competence in energy-efficient and environmentally friendly upgrade work within financially sound frameworks.