Chemicals that are hazardous to health and the environment

Kruse Smith carries out risk and substitution assessments with a view to replacing products that contain substances hazardous to health and the environment. We make use of tools such as BASS, the building and construction industry's substance index, to fulfil the requirements associated with use of chemicals at building sites.

There is a particular focus on products that contain chemicals included in the authorities’ list of dangerous and priority substances. Substances marked in red in BASS must either be substituted or, if used, safe usage must be documented during projects with regard to exposure of the external environment, personal protective equipment, waste disposal and information for employees.

Kruse Smith is also involved in the development of the ChemXchange project. This takes BASS a step further and will put the construction industry in a better position to choose environmentally sound materials, both chemicals and solid products.

In addition, Kruse Smith is engaged in a major project to obtain an even better overview of the chemicals used in our projects. The aim is to reduce the number of harmful products we use, and replace chemicals with undesired properties with more environmentally friendly alternatives .