Handling waste and chemicals

The construction industry produces large quantities of waste. We sort at least 60% of the waste at our building sites by source, so as to make best possible use of material and energy resources. Waste plans and final reports from our projects are collated so that we can draw up overviews of waste volumes and results for sorting waste by source. This enables us to monitor trends in this area.

Safe handling of hazardous waste is an important focus area. Hazardous waste usually represents a small proportion of our total waste, but the potential environmental impact of incorrect handling is significant. Demolition and restoration projects in particular involve a number of materials and products that must be treated as hazardous waste. Environmental surveys are therefore conducted for such projects in order to ensure that hazardous waste is identified and handled correctly.

Kruse Smith works on an ongoing basis to ensure that chemicals are handled and stored so as to minimise the risk of emissions.